Dreaming of the Next Tide

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Dreaming of the Next Tide: (Nov.1994) Whilst staying on the beautiful west coast of Ireland, I made friends with the sculptor and musician, Jim Connolly. We shared the same joy of making music and this slow meditative piece is dedicated to him.
guitar (JanK); tenor recorder (NC).

Wishing Well Polka: (1990) This lively 64 bar polka is used by Dorset Triumph Folk Dancers for a dance called 'Rural Sports', which has a wide variety of interweaving patterns in it. The name was inspired by the Wishing Well Appeal for Great Ormond Street Hospital.
descant recorder (NC); guitar (SP)

Paly Ali Rag, Jigsaw and Red Nose Rag: Paly Ali Rag (Oct.1993) was written for Alison Cowie, a fellow musician and friend, who plays the fiddle on these tunes. She flew from Edinburgh specially to make this recording; what a star! Red Nose Rag was written around the time of Red Nose Day 1989 and reflected the fun everyone was having raising money. Jigsaw (Mar.1988) is a hornpipe that has a light, cheeky style and makes a good partner to the rags.
descant recorder (NC); fiddle (AC); piano/guitar (SP).

Medieval Dance Music: (Jan.1995) This was written and choreographed for a dance display at the Shaftesbury Abbey Service in June 1995. The young folk dancers from Sutton Waldron, called 'Steps in Time', performed it beautifully, moving with a travelling 'dip' step. The hurdy gurdy adds greatly to the atmosphere.
hurdy gurdy (TL); drum, sopranino recorder (NC).

Shaftesbury Abbey Hymn: 'Our Faith Shall Lasting Be' (Feb.1995). Tim Laycock skilfully wrote the words to this hymn. It was commissioned for the the Abbey Altar Consecration Service held in June 1995. On that occasion it was performed by a full Silver Band and choir. This recording is an intimate version with 4 voices and concertina.
soprano (KS); alto (AH); tenor (JC); bass (CH); concertina (TL).

Elinor's Song: (Jan.1994) Written for Elinor Tolfree, a fellow musician and friend. Originally scored for treble recorder with guitar accompaniment. The expressive cello playing is by my youngest sister Ursula. David's sensitive accompaniment was improvised in the studio.
cello (UC); piano (DG).

Dangles' Knot and Mousešs Tale: (1990 & 1994) 48 bar jigs are very useful as dancing tunes at ceilidhs and these were written for the Hambledon Hopstep Band. The Mouse's Tale is dedicated to Tim Laycock, as he was playing a mouse in a production at the time. Dangles' Knot refers to the 'kindest cut'!
descant recorder (NC); concertina, melodeon (TL); bass guitar (SP); fiddle (JH); guitar (JS).

Helen's Song Without Words: (March 1996) This piece is my most recent composition, dedicated to my sister Helen. It conveys its message without the need for words. Sebastian, my son, arranged the harmonisation.
descant recorder (NC); piano (SC).

Fivepenny Waltz: (Jan.1991) The Hambledon Hopstep Band caller, Angela Laycock, choreographed a 5 part waltz and so a 5 part tune was written to fit. It has proved a successful match.
descant recorder (NC); piano accordion (JohnK); fiddle (CT); bass guitar (SP).

Sunflowers in the Breeze: (Nov. 1993) A pastoral scene of a field of nodding sunflower heads all facing the sun, a familiar sight in the French countryside.
guitar (JanK); treble recorder (NC).

Sun and Wind: (Mar.1992) These 2 jigs are used frequently at ceilidhs. They work well together, jumping from the minor (Em) to the relative major (G); one skips, the other runs!
descant recorder (NC); fiddle (JH); concertina/melodeon (TL); tenor recorder (KS); guitar (JS); bass guitar (SP).

Fiddleford Fancy: (May.1994) This is in the style of early processional music and is as yet unused in this capacity, maybe one day a need will arise. Dedicated to John and Kath Singleton, who live in the Dorset village of Fiddleford.
oboe dšamore (TC), tenor recorder , drum (NC), bassoon (ET).

Heather's Tune and variations: (Jan.1993) This theme and 3 variations is for solo treble recorder. It is dedicated to my wife Heather, who is very supportive of my composing work.
treble recorder (NC)

Oysters' Dreams: (Feb.1994) My father, Timmy, brings out the most of this reflective tune. The title comes from some Irish oysters we were enjoying; they were so fresh that they were still 'dreaming of the next tide'. (That would make a good title!)
oboe (TC); keyboard, tenor recorder (NC).

The Philosopher's Song: (July 1995) I gave Tim Laycock the main philosophical questions and the tune, he then added his magic and created a song out of it. The answers are in the questions, so never stop asking and live for the moment.
words by Tim Laycock, music by Nick Crump.
concertina, vocals (TL); piano, trumpet (NC).

Crump Island (Connemara): (Oct.1995) (32 bar jig) A friend spotted this island off Connemara on his detailed map. The island is only about 1 mile long and half a mile wide and is probably only populated by sea birds. I must visit it one day.
descant recorder (NC); mandolin (JH); concertina, melodeon (TL); bass guitar (SP); tenor recorder (KS); guitar (JS).